San Clemente

San Clemente Island is the southernmost of the Channel Islands and is owned by the Navy. The Navy uses the island for training and only military and civilian contractors are allowed on the island. Navy Seals are trained here too.

Archeologists have found human occupation dating back 10,000 years.

Feral goats introduced possibly by the Missionaries reached over 11,000 in 1972 and were threatening endangered plant species protected by the “Endangered Species Act” and had to be removed.

The San Clemente Island Loggerhead Shrike is an endangered species as well as the San Clemente Island Sage Sparrow and the San Clemente Island Fox is an indigenous species.

Endemic plant species include San Clemente Island Brodiaea, San Clemente Island Triteleia, San Clemente Island Woodland Star and San Clemente Island Indian Paintbrush.

Coves around the islands attract snorkelers with abundant sealife including sea lions, spiny lobster, Garibaldi, hydrocoral and kelp forests.